Rawtenstall Balladen Primary School

” The hatching for schools programme has been a  great educational experience for the whole school. It gave us a magical insight into the life cycle of a baby chicken. This is one experience I would highly recommend as it makes learning fun. The children were  arriving at school early to check on progress, now that’s a first. The staff […]

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Comments made by Ofsted

 A report made by an ofsted inspector while visiting a school with our hatching programme.                  Inspection number 366215 A range of visitors also enriches the curriculum. For example, the school received an incubator with ready-to-hatch eggs. That provided a sense of awe and wonder for pupils as they observed the beginnings of new life. Pupils […]

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Time lapse of a chick hatching

Watch this short video of a chick hatching . From the first cracks to a little chick emerging slowly. This captures those wonderful moments. After an hour or so, the chick in the video resembles one of the cute fluffy birds that we all know and love.         Total length 2min 14 […]

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